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Your child or teen’s feelings often affect how they respond to key events in their life. The ability to self regulate, and calm down is easy for some, and more difficult for others. Good feelings often promote good responses. Bad feelings can often lead to troubling short or long term consequences. This is why I like to couple the use of expressive therapies with Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP).

Emotionally based therapies helps children and teens begin to notice their typical emotional response patterns to key events, specifically maladaptive ways of responding that cause them pain and distress. By expanding their ability to respond differently to triggering circumstances, shifts naturally start to occur in their interactional patterns, leading to a heightened ability to form secure bonds, which is a big part of what most kids care about having, good connections with the people in their life. 


Over the years, I've spent thousands of hours helping children, teens and young adults who were struggling with anxiety, depression, the effects of trauma, and low self-worth and confidence. I'm able to help children with all types of issues including these specialties. 



It is my honor to share a part of each child’s unique journey. To witness them as they find their voice, become aware of feelings and thoughts, while learning to express who they are and any troubles they might be experiencing. I offer kids (ages 5 and above) a safe space to do any healing they might need to do to move forward, to feel better about who they are, or share what might have happened in their lives that makes their heart ache.

The teen years leading to young adulthood can be a bumpy road at times. How to navigate the turbulence of hormones and schoolwork, friendships and home life, college and relationships, and all the other activities and significant events happening, while trying to discover who they are and what makes them feel most alive?

I offer teens and young adults a safe and supportive space for self expression and exploration of what is a “yes” and what is a “no,” authentic to supporting their best version of Self. We will search for silver linings in mistakes and obstacles that set them back, establish goals, and cheer them on as they become more of the person they long to be.

It's rare to find someone who makes you feel heard, supported, and luminous. Melina has done exactly that over the course of years, especially in my young adult life. She was an integral part of my college application process and coached me through launching my nascent career after graduation. She helped me find my voice through deep conversations and essay edits, so it would come through in my college applications and we celebrated when it did so successfully! She's been a major gut-check and making me feel secure and emboldened in my life decisions, which is challenging as a young woman. She's also guided me through familial relationships complicated by addiction and provided me with insights that make me feel so abundant and thankful in many ways. I will always cherish my relationship with Melina and can rely on her to make me feel at home, accepted, and empowered!
-Sarah D





Supporting your child or teen through challenging times means supporting parents and other members of the family, too. My goal is to offer a supportive, inclusive space where everyone feels welcomed and heard. Emotionally based therapy can benefit your child or teen, too.

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